Always a pleasure working with the WorkshopX team and Alex Masi! This time we’ll be joining forces at the Ko Phangan island in Thailand, teaching an intensive, week-long social & documentary photography workshop. 

Join our team and through documentary photography explore the social reality of Ko Phangan, the famous Full Moon Party island, also known from book and the film, The Beach. Within this intensive week of shooting, photo editing and discussing photography, we’ll try to document and analyze what is hidden behind the idyllic Western myth of a tropical paradise and the idea of modern, global tourism. This workshop project is designed for photographers who want to start and/or to improve their experience in the field of documentary photography and storytelling through live experiences and adventure, and who are not afraid to raise critical questions about the world we live in.

Quality photography needs time and attention. During the 7 workshop days you will cover a chosen aspect of life on the island while attending extensive daily editing and critique sessions with four experienced tutors, who will help you build a coherent visual story. Starting our work in advance of your arrival, we’ll help you choose and prepare a subject for your workshop assignment that best suits your fields of interests and your needs. After this intense week of hard work and on-the-ground research, you will be much more aware of your personal vision and style, well-equipped for your future field work and ready to handle most of the ever-changing situations and difficulties that photographers come across when working on a full-scale project.

Date: 18 – 24 March 2016 (7 days)
Place: Ko Phangan island, Thailand
Number of participants: 6–12

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