Photography exhibition by Un-Posed collective

We’re happy to invite you to the premiere of the updated version of our “Niepozowane” exhibition, at Leica 6×7 Gallery in Warsaw, Poland, on 31 May 2017, 19:00.

The fundamental tenet of street photography is that nothing in the image is posed or arranged. Street photographers observe, notice and capture those things that others simply don’t see. Some photographers have the gift of predicting events; someone dressed unusually will in a moment be caught in a sun-ray, or a vehicle passing by will briefly cover up an advertisement, or someone hurrying will create an interesting, blurred background. For most street photos, there also a huge element of luck.

The subject of the Niepozowane (“Un-posed”) exhibition is the human being seen in different situations: on the way to work, performing religious duties or just relaxing. These images by 9 photographers were taken in various locations around the world and form a story of the current state of mankind in terms of behaviour, environment and emotion. Why are we drawn to the images? Do we see similarities in our own lives? Have we seen such scenes somewhere before? Candid, spontaneous and momentary, we actually encounter them every day.

“Niepozowane” is the Polish translation of the group’s name Un-Posed and also the title of the exhibition. We present the best and latest photos by well-known street photographers.

Photographers: Damian Chrobak, Maciej Dakowicz, Jamie Fyson Howard, Ania Kłosek, Monika Krzyszkowska, Tomasz Kulbowski, Tymon Markowski, Marta Rybicka and Adrian Wykrota

Curator: Joanna Kinowska

Exhibition opening: 31 May 2017, 19:00
Leica 6×7 Gallery Warszawa
Exhibition open until 18 June 2017

Admission free

Opening hours: Monday–Saturday 10:00–20:00, Sunday 12:00–18:00
Address: Leica 6×7 Gallery Warszawa, Mysia 3, 00-496 Warszawa

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(photo: Ania Kłosek)